About us

Who we are?

Customer satisfaction with our products or services provided is of primary importance to us. Therefore, we perform our work efficiently and at the same time responsibly, so that the result is guaranteed quality. We implement projects mainly in Slovakia and neighboring countries. 

UAG, s.r.o. is an integrator company that focuses primarily on the design and manufacture of machines and the provision of services in the field of industrial production. We provide our services with maximum commitment and aim to bring even greater success to our clients. The company cooperates with leading suppliers and business partners who are a guarantee of the highest quality and availability on the market during the life cycle of the equipment.

Andrej Lieskovský
andrej.lieskovsky@uag.sk / +421 904 570 800
Patrik Ondruš
patrik.ondrus@uag.sk / +421 948 247 761

Our Team

Spoločnosť je založená na tíme odborníkov s dlhoročnými skúsenosťami v tejto oblasti a tiež vášňou k svojej práci.
Tímea Mišutková
timea.misutkova@uag.sk / +421 917 262 288
Roman Drahoš
roman.drahos@uag.sk / +421 903 175 023
Kristián Masár
Junior PLC Programmer
kristian.masar@uag.sk / +421 944 692 867
Jaroslav Sollár
Junior PLC Programmer
jaroslav.sollar@uag.sk / +421 917 428 846
Martin Paul
martin.paul@uag.sk / +421 915 403 135
Veronika Valchoňova
Junior PLC Programmer
veronika.valchonova@uag.sk / +421 907 542 708