Robotic Workcells

We manufacture robotic cells according to customer requirements. Whether it is packaging, palletizing, parts handling, parts marking, assembly or other applications, our robotic workplaces bring high precision and efficiency.
We use robots from leading manufacturers such as Fanuc, ABB, Mitsubishi, Kuka, while we also select the robot brand according to customer requirement.

Single Purpose Machines

Our single-purpose machines are tailor-made for customers. We have experience in many applications such as assembly, pressing, material handling, packaging, industrial marking, parts inspection and many others.

Assembly Lines

We manufacture production lines for our customers that facilitate production processes with automatic, semi-automatic or manual stations. They are designed to suit the process so that production with them is as efficient as possible and the output products are of the highest quality.

Custom Technical Solutions

We provide comprehensive custom technical solutions when the worlds of IT and production technologies need to be connected. Whether it is systems for data acquistion, production tracking, quality monitoring, logistics or others, thanks to our programming skills in advanced programming languages, we will create custom applications for you that will work with your production technologies.