What projects have we completed?

Industrial automation

Metal removing device modernizatioN

UAG modernized an elder malfunctioning metal removing device due to a vast failure of its controller.

A new controller was installed in the device’s initial restored enclosure and supplied with complete technical documentation.

The metal removing device is now fully configurable and operators can create new programs via newly developed software for control and visualization thanks to our innovative programming techniques.

Industrial automation


UAG managed to increase operators safety and significantly simplify their work with a semi-automatic tapping machine.

Doba ofuku špony, doba mazania a počet opakovaní cyklu pred začatím mazania/ofuku sa dá nastaviť pomocou potenciometrov. Mazacie zariadenie je prenosné medzi dvoma poloautomatickými zariadeniami na rezanie závitov.

Lubrication period, chips blowing period and number of cycles before an action are adjustable through via potenciometers. Lubrication emulsion dispenser is transferable between two semi-automatic tapping devices.

Industrial automation

Marking stations

Two marking stations used to engrave high-pressure stainless steel oil tubes used in the automotive industry.

Workpieces are inserted into the jig and engraved after cycle start confirmation, while required focal distance is automatically maintained based on the selected program on HMI.

PLC used in this application is Mitsubishi, HMI is Beijer, laser is Tykma Electrox II Scorpion 20W and safety is Banner.

Mainly used communication protocols between devices are TCP/IP and Modbus RTU.

Industrial automation

Assembly and inspection stations

Another end control stations used mainly to inspect the quality of the workpiece and check mounting positions of all assembly parts using inductive sensors, colour sensors and a vision system.

The inspected workpiece is marked mechanically by a needle mounted on a pneumatic cylinder and it is labelled by Zebra thermal transfer printer.

PLC and HMI are Scheider Electric and communication with the printer is via TCP/IP. Computer vision is Keyence and the communication protocol between the vision system controller and PLC is Ethernet/IP.

Industrial automation

End control station

End control station, where workpieces go through the final assembly process. Workpiece colour and all the assembly parts are inspected using the sensors.

The inspected workpiece is marked mechanically by a needle mounted on a pneumatic cylinder and it is labelled by Zebra thermal transfer printer.

PLC and HMI are Schneider Electric and communication with a printer is TCP/IP.

Commercial Applications

Filtration station control

Water filtration station with a control interface for simple operation.

Software modifications

Modification of the marking station's PLC program

We made software modifications to the PLC of the marking station, which is using fibre laser Tykma Electrox Scorpion II and is part of the production line for automobile headlights.

In the previous production cycle robot was transporting moulded headlights to the marking station to mark them with DataMatrix codes and placed them on the conveyor belt after marking was completed.

It was necessary to commission the second robot to increase overall system efficiency. We also had to change laser communication and marking.

Buildings Automation

Fitness Centre Vitalis

The target of the project was to increase in overall operational efficiency in fitness centre Vitalis in city of Topolcany. The result is a complex system responsible for managing vital functions of the building, such as heating, solar heating, windows, blinds and more.

The system is controlled by industrial controller Siemens. The management system is powered by our web application with remote access. Other system components such as reverse proxy, server and database are hosted on single board computer. Another vital part of the system is a large quantity of IoT devices to measure temperatures, light (LUX), wind speed, etc…

The system is highly configurable and was custom made for our customer with high configurability and numerous operational statistics.

Controllers Refurbishment

Overhead Crane Control System

Refurbishment and modernisation of old overhead crane’s controller were necessary to eliminate failures and increase the overall safety of the device.

Replacement of transformer, contactors, signal wires and crane tool motor cable ensured reliability of the machine. Safety of the device was increased by an additional safety circuit consisting of a safety relay, emergency stop switch and reset override pushbutton.

Commercial Applications

Sunbeds Management

Modern sunbeds management system controlled via web application supported by most of the web browsers allowing it to run at any operating system.

This app is an intuitive interface for controlling all sunbeds simultaneously, but it is also a solution for storing operational data of sunbeds, various notifications and monitoring. Premium edition has numerous additional features, for example, use of membership cards, remote access and many more.

The app is hosted on a local server running on single board computer, therefore to use it all you need is a device with WiFi and one of the most common web browsers (e.g. any PC, tablet, smartphone).

Agricultural Automation

Agricultural Association Rybany

A simple but effective solution to a problem with problematic hay baler, which moving parts were frequently getting stuck upon unwanted collection of hay.

Our small controller is taking care of cleaning these mechanical parts with the use of compressed air. User can change the cleaning intervals or force particular section cleaning manually.

Hearth of this uncomplicated system is a microcontroller, it was custom made per customer requirements and integrated into tractor cabin.